My Story

I am lover of all things MotoGP and one of my favorite things to share is related cool details. My whole life moves around MotoGP, and I have loved it when I was young. My family would travel around to go see different sporting events around the country. It was always fun to see all the different tracks and how they reflected their city. The diversity of the tracks throughout the world makes going to sporting events fun and interesting. However, it wasn’t till I was a youngster that I actually started knowing further regarding the different riders and teams. I started getting familiar with popular teams and the players. I started to learn about the histories of the tracks and the teams. My passion for these histories made me want to share them with others. I give my parents credit for my love of MotoGP and tracks which makes discussing sports fun. It just makes reading about their history and their tracks even more delightful.This website is an outlet to share my love of MotoGP and to share it with others. This is based on my obsession with MotoGP; I have watched and cheered for my favorites for many years. Let me know what you think about the top riders of MotoGP. I especially enjoy learning about the various tracks around the world and their histories. So this experience with MotoGP and love of the sport is what I wish to share with you all.

springer9 carr4 crf150 exhibition race sf mile I 8-31-13

Why We Love MotoGP

The MotoGP has amazing motorcycle racers that compete all around the world. It is separated into 3 classes. All three classes use four-stroke engines. These different bikes challenge the riders as they compete on various tracks and turns.

It’s most the unpredictability. The extreme variety happens in motorcycle racing. Spring a good start and you can be up mixing it at the top, falter off the line and you’re made to fight your way back up, which leads to some incredible actions. You’re constantly holding your breath, with a mixture of fear and exhilaration. There are so many options that can happen during a race by the actions of each individual racer.In normal racing situations, there is little risk but in MotoGP there is more risk and chance of failure. It has risks, no doubt, but the risks are part of what make it so exciting.

The level of skill involved makes MotoGP interesting. In MotoGP, it is clear that you cannot race the way these amazing racers do. This is why many people follow MotoGP rather than other sports There’s no way I could lean a motorbike to a 30 degree angle, cut under somebody on the inside of an apex, then get the bike back to 90 degrees and power away. MotoGP races show the excitement of motorcycle racing with the benefit of seeing the stadiums around the world. I hope you enjoy the MotoGP blog!