Greatest Grand Prix Races

1987 Brands Hatch, Transatlantic Race, Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Rainey

In 1987 two unknowns Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Rainey arrived on the scene. The pair took over the competition and crushed course lap records. The furious rivalry between the two drove their success in MotoGP. Initially driven by the prize money for their first race, this caused the pair to drive with such ferocity that shocked spectators.

1983 Anderstorp, Swedish Grand Prix

This is Kenny Roberts’s most famous race and he lost. His rival Freddie Spencer rode neck and neck for points for the ’83 championship. However there were only two races left. The battle for the lead came down to the last corner of the race with Robert’s thinking he had it but he braked late. Then he was passed by Spencer on the inside. While Roberts knew that he was on the limit by braking late but Freddie missed the corner. Then Freddie took out Roberts and placed out onto the dirt. But Spencer was able to recover his position in first and won the race. By two points, Spencer managed to win the title.


1988 Paul Ricard, French Grand Prix

In 1988, Paul Ricard, Wayne Gardner, defending champion, and Eddie Lawson raced in the French Grand Prix and Lawson was leading by twenty points. However, a dislocated shoulder caused Eddie Lawson to not disregard compared to the others. However Gardner seemed to be the favorite in the race because of Lawson’s injury. Gardner’s problem stemmed from the others racers such as Rainey, Schwantz, and Sarron. In the race, the first shock came from injured Eddie. He challenged and pushed past Rainey to join with the leading three riders instead of a steady ride. Then on the last lap, Gardner had the lead and at the straight his water pump that halted his lead. Somehow Gardner managed to keep his bike going with only three cylinders, and ultimately finished fourth. At the front of the pack, Sarron skillfully rode to shotgun to Lawson and Schwantz was kept at third. Second and third were all within less than half a second off the leader. For Eddie Lawson, this would be one of his best and boldest races.

1979 Silverstone, British GP, Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts

Barry Sheene was in his prime and at the height of his fame. He was number two in the world for MotoGP. The races were clean and appearing natural. However what makes this race historical was the tension throughout the race that captured the attention of all those watching. This does not even include a last lap thrust for first by Bazza in the race.


2005 Oschersleben 24 Hour, World Endurance

The French Suzuki Castrol was the favorites at the 2005 championship in Germany for the final round. However the team was crashed on oil after a couple laps which crushed their favorite status. When they finally rejoined the race, but their big rider had hurt broken his wrist. French Suzuki Team managed to hold onto their first place lead but it was shared by their other riders, Mattheau Lagrive and Keiichi Kitagawa. While their rivals, Yamaha Austria and Phase One chased them down and put on the pressure for French Suzuki. However Phase one was taken out when their engine blew. Then the Austrians crashed after dawn which took them out and left only the French team to face exhaustion and the weather. The French Suzuki Castrol managed to cross the finish line and was nine hours after the Austrians were taken out. This won the French the World Championship.

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